Westarm Physical Therapy

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Westarm Physical Therapy is a family-owned business that needed a new, updated website to better represent their business and their 8 satellite locations within the greater Pittsburgh area. Keeping their patients’ user experience in mind, the site is legible, bold and provides plenty of opportunities for conversions via the Appointment Request and Contact Us forms.

For examples of some of the website data reports that I have designed for this client, see my Graphic Design Page.

Studfix Clamp

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The Studfix site is a business-to-consumer e-commerce website for an automotive exhaust part. It is meant to inform the customer of the part’s purpose, compatibility, and installation, as well as act as an online sales portal. As a product manager for Studfix, my current duties consist of fulfilling orders, answering technical questions about the product and using customer feedback to update the parts’ Compatibility List.

Fox Run Drive-Thru

Website Design ∙ WordPress Development ∙ SEO & Data Analytics ∙ Marketing ∙ Google & Facebook Ad Campaigns

Fox Run Drive-Thru needed a website to increase their online presence and to inform customers of their business location and history; it also listed the store’s selection and was meant to eventually host an e-commerce store. Unfortunately, Fox Run Drive-Thru has since closed its doors and the site is no longer linked to its former domain name.

He & She Travel

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He and She Travel is a travel blog that highlights a few of the adventures that my wife and I have had over the years. It’s been a collaborative passion project of ours, she writes the copy and I take (most of) the photos!

Grant Mallory Portfolio

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I designed and frequently update this website that you are on, it hosts most of my portfolio work including my different websites, graphic designs and photographs. Feel free to browse this site and contact me with any questions that you might have.